Integral SIZE

LP Farming

All farmed tokens will be distributed linearly over 6 months.


$ITGR tokens are credited pro rata per block.
Earned $ITGR tokens have a 6-mo vesting. The tokens you have earned will be linearly released to you over 6 months (receive 1/180 daily).

Single-sided Deposit

SIZE supports Single-sided Deposit. Just like SSD on other platforms (such as Balancer or Curve), what happens on the low level is effectively a partial swap of the deposit token into the missing token, so that after the swap the proportion of the 2 tokens matches with the pool token reserve ratio, then the tokens are deposited and LP token amounts are proportionally calculated and given to the depositor.

Farming Rewards

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Each liquidity pool has a fixed number of ITGR reward emissions per block. LPs are rewarded pro-rata per block based on capital provided. The Total Reward = Base Reward x Bonus Multiplier.
Base rewards are calculated and accredited in real time. LPs will be able to view their latest $ITGR balance on the Integral site next to the wallet address.
Each LP will be given a multiplier based on a snapshot taken at the start of each week at 00:00 UTC Sunday.
The LP bonus multiplier is based on the amount and duration of ITGR staked. If an LP is qualified for different multipliers, the maximum multiplier will be used in the bonus multiplier calculation. Rewards contributed by the multiplier will be calculated and accredited at the end of each week.
  • To get a multiplier of 2 (2x rewards), you need to have ≥ 10,000 ITGR staked for 3 years.
  • To get a multiplier of 1.5 (1.5x rewards), you need to have ≥ 5,000 ITGR staked for 3 years.
  • To get a multiplier of 1.2 (1.2x rewards), you need to have ≥ 5,000 ITGR staked for 6 months.
Please note that earned $ITGR is currently only claimable on Ethereum, as the Arbitrum version of the token is still being developed.
Weekly Farming Rewards (Unit: ITGR)
ETH-USDC (Ethereum)
ETH-USDC (Arbitrum)