Basics of Liquidity Provision on Integral

LPs supply liquidity to a pool on Integral for traders to swap assets.

Each pool consists of two tokens. In general, an LP supplies quantities of both tokens, although in some cases they may provide only one (sometimes called “single-sided deposit”). The ratio of tokens provided is dynamic based on the current weighting of assets in the pool.

Currently, LPs of Integral's Arbitrum version will earn 100% trading fees.

Earning Fees

Single-sided Deposit

Integral supports Single-sided Deposit. Just like SSD on other platforms (such as Balancer or Curve), what happens on the low level is effectively a partial swap of the deposit token into the missing token, so that after the swap the proportion of the 2 tokens matches with the pool token reserve ratio, then the tokens are deposited and LP token amounts are proportionally calculated and given to the depositor.

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