Limit Orders (testnet)

Limit orders are currently only available on Sepolia testnet.

Limit Orders are also available on Integral. Once a price target is hit, the traders order will be executed in the Integral pools.

Users can navigate to the Integral interface and switch to the limit order interface in order to enter their trade. Users then select a direction for the trade (i.e. buying ETH with USDC), the limit order price, and a time expiry limit for the order.

To place a Limit Order, follow the steps below:

  1. Select your trading pair.

  2. Select the direction of your trade

  3. Choose the limit order price where you want the trade to be executed.

  4. Choose an expiration time for your limit order. You can choose 1 hour, 1 day or a custom expiry.

  5. Choose the TWAP duration you want your order to be executed at once your limit price is reached. You can choose 1 minute, 30 minute or a custom duration.

  6. Choose your slippage tolerance.

  7. Click “Confirm” to submit the transaction and place your limit order.

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