Basics of Trading on Integral

Quick fact sheet

Supported Blockchain Network

Ethereum (Mainnet)

Supported Wallet

Metamask (recommended), Coinbase Wallet, Formatic, Portis, Wallet Connect

Supported Trading Pair


Price Oracle

Uniswap v3 or Sushiswap

Default Execution Strategy

30-min TWAP

Trading Fee

1 bp

User Flow

Select your desired token pair for swapping from the drop-down menus (1) on Integral. Use the arrow button (2) to reverse swap direction if needed. Your choices are bound by the available pools.

Specify the amount to swap using the numeric input (3). Adjusting the input or output alters the other based on current token prices. For total token swapping, click the Max button (4), which reflects your wallet's capacity. Your wallet balance (5) for each token is displayed.

Upon token and amount selection, the button becomes Swap [input token] to [output token] (6), provided your wallet can cover the swap and tokens are approved.

Understanding your trades

Integral's UI displays several data points relative to your projected trade to help you understand the trading fee, gas fee, and execution delay.


When you input an amount into Integral, the system will display an estimated amount that you may receive through 30 min TWAP. The estimation is calculated based on the current Uniswap spot price, and does not take price impact into consideration.

The Estimated Amount = Amount of Input Token * (1 - Fee) * Uniswap Spot Price


Integral currently charges 1 bp for all trades regardless of their sizes.

Minimum Received and Slippage Tolerance

Due to market movement, there will always be some difference between the TWAP and the spot price when you submit the order, and sometimes you may get fewer tokens from TWAP.

Located at the bottom of the swap interface, the Minimum Received corresponds to the worst-case scenario for your trade. After 30-min wait time elapses, if the actual amount of tokens you'll receive is less than Minimum Received, your order will be reverted to protect your funds.

Minimum Received = Estimated Amount * (1 - Slippage Tolerance)

The default slippage tolerance is 0.5%, and you can change it in the Advanced Settings (gear icon). However, we suggest you to only change it when the market is highly volatile and your order keeps being reverted.

Execution Delay

Execution Delay is the time that your trade will be enqueued for before being mined.

If you are submitting a TWAP order, the delay will be 30 minutes. During this time, the protocol will calculate the TWAP based on the price information from the Uniswap oracle. After the delay elapses, the protocol will execute your trade with TWAP.

If you are submitting an Instant Swap, the delay will be 0.

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