Add Liquidity

This page offers step-by-step instructions on how to provide liquidity to an Integral pool.

Users add liquidity to Integral using the Pool page, which can be accessed from the menu at the top of the screen. Adding liquidity consists of two steps.

Select Pool

Once you have navigated to the Pool page, the first step is to select the pool you want to add liquidity to. The Pool page will present a list of pools that are available. Choose a pool from this list. In order to add liquidity to a pool, you will need to hold at least one of the two pool tokens in your wallet.

Currently deploying new pools is gated, please contact us if you have a token pair to add.

Add Liquidity

Once you have selected a pool, you will be taken to the page to add liquidity.

  1. Choose whether to provide liquidity in the suggested ratio, or as custom amounts.

  2. Enter the amount of Token 1 that you want to provide as liquidity.

    1. If you choose Suggested Ratio, the amounts will automatically adjust when you change values in either field.

    2. If you choose Custom Ratio, you can input any amounts (note that this may mean that some of your deposit will be swapped for the other token in the pool).

  3. Check the amounts and number of LP tokens that you will receive.

  4. Click add Liquidity and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Adding liquidity takes 30 minutes to account for the Integral TWAP duration. After your transaction is confirmed, you will see a progress bar and timer that will confirm when your liquidity deposit is complete.

Please note, the first time you use any token on Integral, you will be asked to Approve that particular token. UI buttons like Swap/Confirm Amount will show as Approve [Token] until that token has been approved. Approving a token requires you to confirm the choice in a wallet pop-up. You may also need to set an appropriate spending allowance.

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