Integral Protocol
Official Documentation for the Integral Protocol
Integral is an AMM-based DEX that mirrors liquidity on other top exchanges. In its final form, Integral aims to provide the cheapest liquidity among all centralized and decentralized exchanges.

What's Happening?

$ITGR is now listed on Uniswap with $ITGR/ETH pair, and DODO with $ITGR/USDC pair.
Uniswap: Open, click "Select Token", then enter 0xD502F487e1841Fdc805130e13eae80c61186Bc98.
(Disclaimer: Integral prohibits access from Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and US. For more information, please review Terms & Conditions. Investments are risky. Please read Risk Factor Exhibit before participating.)
The Integral protocol token, ITGR (pronounced "it-girl"), is expected to circulate on September 15th, 2021. The initial distribution is expected to take place on Uniswap, then followed by centralized exchanges. Read more.
Integral Launches Million Dollar Trading Challenge, 100,000 ITGR Rewards Per Week During Community Pilot. Starting from this Thursday, trading on Integral will enjoy the best price in DeFi (beating major aggregators 66% of the time), and ALSO earn ITGR (Integral’s Gov Token) from the rewards pool. The program will start with a community-only pilot before expanding the whitelist to a broader audience of general DeFi traders in the future. Read more.
Integral team worked hard to complete a series of major upgrades that allows us to consistently serve traders with better prices than any other DEX. The prices are even better than any single leading aggregator roughly 50% of the time for larger swaps (~ tens of thousands USD and above). In order to make it convenient for potential traders to find venues with the best prices, Integral has launched a real time price Comparator on its main app page that helps compare across Integral, all aggregators, and DEXs. Read more.
Integral will launch a series of stablecoin pools, including USDC-USDT, DAI-USDC, and DAI-USDT. These pools will be open for LPs and traders starting from 15:30 GMT on May 31st.T o celebrate this, we will increase the liquidity farming reward next week. Starting from 15:30 GMT on May 31st, LP reward rates will be boosted to 1.406% of the token cap, which is 4x the current week's reward. Read more.
Integral Will Perform a 1:10000 Split on the Gov Token.This split will increase the token supply from 30,000 to 300,000,000. If you have previously acquired $ITGR (e.g. from participating in the Public Seed Round and liquidity farming), the value of your total $ITGR position will remain unchanged. Read more.
Integral Has Enabled Trading for All Pairs. Starting from today, you can use Integral to trade or single-sided deposit $ETH, $wBTC, $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, and $LINK. Integral achieves the best execution costs in DeFi per dollar of TVL. At the time of writing, Integral's TVL is $260mm, but we offer an equivalent level of liquidity and slippage that a $13B CFAMM (Constant Function Automatic Market Maker) pool offers, making our Implied Liquidity $13B. Read more.
Integral has settled the Public Seed Round. The total amount of investment is $31,946,832. The updated listing price is $0.981295. Read more.

How Can I Help?

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