Integral FIVE

Sale Mechanism

April 22nd, 15:30 GMT at (will go live closer to the start)
There is no pre-sale. The only outside funding we have received is from Gitcoin donors. We offer you the same deal that the best VCs get if you are willing to think long-term and take on the same longer vesting.
Everyone before (including farmers) and at this public sale is vested and is long-term aligned. Flippers have been kept out.
We believe that this is a viable model for the future of venture investing.

Sale Mechanics

The sale runs for 6 days, where the price is determined at the end based on total contribution. In other words, everyone gets the same price. No front-running.
You can allocate your contribution between two options. Option 1 is the main event and includes most of the supply. It has longer vesting with a steeper discount.
Because everyone is vested, there is limited selling pressure at the listing (late May).
On Day 1, Option 1 will earn a small early believer bonus (For every 1 ITGR purchased, receive 0.05 more ITGR).
% Supply
3 Years (linear distribution over 3 years starting from listing)
60% (relative to listing price)
6 Months (linear distribution over 6 months starting from listing)
6% (relative to listing price)
Details on how the discounts are enforced can be found here.