Integral FIVE


Integral Public Seed Round: Invest early with the best VCs on equal terms.
Integral has completed the Public Seed Round on April 28th, 2021. There is not any sale event going on at the moment.
Below is the updated valuation after a 1:10000 token split.
  • Total amount of investment: $31,946,832
  • Option 1 total amount: $24,728,620
  • Option 1 price: $0.3925.18
  • Option 2 total amount: $7,218,212
  • Option 2 price: $0.922417
  • Listing price: $0.981295 (Option 2 Settlement Price * 1.06383)
If you invested in the Public Seed Round, the split will change the amount of $ITGR tokens you purchased and its price. More specifically, the amount will be multiplied by 10,000, and the price will be divided by 10,000. The total value of your investment will be unchanged.
For example, if John invested $3925.18 in Option 1, he would receive 1 $ITGR before the split. Now he will receive 10000 $ITGR, which is still worth $3925.18.