Integral FIVE

10,000x Product Vision: Building the Last Exchange

10,000x Vision: Building the Last Exchange

Our primary research question was: "What would be the final form of AMMs?"
And the answer: "One that eats other exchanges' liquidity."
We are molding Integral based on this final form, for it to become the last exchange.
Whenever another exchange tries to beat us with better liquidity, we mirror their liquidity onto ourselves until we regain the world's best liquidity again.
This process can be thought of as a continuous vampire attack until all world liquidity is integrated by us.
We managed to invent the technologies that make this possible. We call it the OB-AMM.
Our debut product will mirror 3x Binance spot market liquidity and instantly become the world's cheapest place to trade spots.
Because of high gas, we currently beat the world only in large trades(≥ $30k). But later this year, as we move onto L2, we will beat the world in small trades too.
Similarly, our later products will eat up world liquidity for perps, options, synths, etc.
As we crush incumbents and eat up more than half of the world's liquidity, we will start building out a competitive market clearing functionality that allows people to bid on providing market-making strategies. As we prepare for the end of world liquidity around us, we can then wean off the mirroring, and start to function independently, alone.