Experimental Programs

These programs are not live yet.

We will announce when we activate these programs.

Pool Rebalance Program (TBD)

If you help bring the pool back into balance through a ≥ $30k single-sided deposit, you will get 95% gas rebates in future ITGR tokens. The rebates are capped at roughly $1500 per day across LPs.

Gas Rebates Program (TBD)

We provide up to 80% gas rebates for all trades ≥ $30K.
When the pool is unbalanced (one side has less than 40%), if your ≥ $30k trade or single-sided deposit makes the pool more balanced ⇒ you get up to 95% gas rebates.
  • When computing the potential dollar amount gas rebates, we use an average gwei, and a hard cap of gas spent for a typical integral transaction. Maliciously inflating gwei or gas spent is not going to help earn more rewards.
  • We cap the cross-sectional total gas rebates each day. So at settlement, if the total gas rebate amount in USD each day exceeds this amount, gas rebates will be distributed pro rata. This is why you get UP TO 80% or 95%. You may get less if there are too many trades.

Organic Trade Volume Program (TBD)

Organic trade volume is rewarded.
How to tell if trade volume is organic?
  • We use a heuristic: your organic trading volume is capped by net-worth * 0.5. We ping to figure out your net-worth.
  • As a rough example: let's say your net-worth is $100k, and you traded $300k volume on Integral today, only $50k volume will qualify for rewards. We call this $50k your daily Organic Volume.
Trade farming happens on a daily reward cycle (00:00 - 23:59 UTC). Your rewards will be calculated and updated daily.
  • Participation Reward: 1/5 of rewards are distributed uniformly to wallets that rank among the top 80% percentile by daily Organic Volume.
  • Volume Reward: 4/5 of rewards are distributed pro rata based on daily Organic Volume to all recipients of the Participation Reward.
Definition of Organic Volume & Net-worth
Daily Organic Volume of a wallet is defined as the daily trading volume in USD capped by min(A, B) where
  • A = your zapper daily average net worth * 0.5
  • B = your daily median trade size on Integral * 5
Net-worth will be the average of 1 or more snapshots taken by Integral during the day.
Note: if your 1st ever trade on Integral cuts too close to 23:59 UTC, we may not be able to pull your net-worth in time, and your trade may not receive rewards.
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