Integral FIVE
Liquidity Provision

Will the trade delay apply to deposit and withdrawal as well?

Yes. Every action (trade, deposit, withdrawal) is subject to the same delay.

Why does Metamask add a few more ETH on top of the amount I want to deposit?

This amount pays for your order execution, at the step of our Integral delay SC. This amount of gas needs to be prepaid to cover your portion, and varies with the gas price.
If you end up overpaying, you will get some ETH actually sent back to you after the Integral delay finishes your deposit. The refund can be seen under the 'internal txns' tab on the etherscan wallet address.

How to overcome "insufficient funds for txn cost" error in the UX?

  • Calculate how much ETH (ETH_owned) you have in meta-mask
  • See how much ETH you need to sign the contract given the amount you just tried to deposit (ETH_overspend)
  • ETH_diff = ETH_owned - ETH_overspend
  • ETH_maximal = ETH_overspend - ETH_diff
  • Run the deposit again with ETH_maximal instead of ETH_overspend

After liquidity is added, will I need to stake somewhere?

No. Adding liquidity is enough to start earning LP farming rewards.

When will I receive farmed tokens?

We group all tokens earned within a month into 1 time release contract, and start distributing them at the end of the month.
Tokens earned from liquidity farming have a vestiong period of 6 months. For more information, please visit the following section.

Does the pool ratio stay 50:50?

We explain this with the term "Cyclical Imbalance", please check here.

Do you accept ETH or wETH?

Both. If you wanna use wETH, please click "Advanced Settings" and change the wETH section to "True".
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