Integral FIVE

Integral Fair Launch: Build → Farm → Sale

We follow the build → farm → sale (BFS) launch sequence. 🛠️🚜💰.
We did the hard thing and went the pure No-VC route. Before the Public Seed Round, we are entirely self-funded.
Our mainnet contracts was deployed with Gitcoin grants.
Our 1st motivation is to properly compensate the users group.
This is why token farming will happen ahead of token sales. Our users will get their hands on tokens before investors.
Our 2nd motivation is to have a fair sale.
This is why we are not taking under-the-table pre-sale capital. A dollar is a dollar. Everyone will get in on the same terms.
Our 3rd motivation to have a community of strong-handed holders, not flippers.
This is the rationale behind our vesting schedule and our staking rewards. We select for missionaries, not mercenaries. Missionaries create all-time highs.