Token Generation Event

Q: What token do you accept in the auction?

A: We only accept USDC in the auction.

Q: Is there a floor price for the auction?

A: The floor price per token is 0.981295 USDC (split adjusted) as determined by the listing price from the Seed Round. More details here. Any buyer can offer to buy any amount of ITGR governance tokens for the price they believe to be acceptable.

Q: How do I claim my tokens from the auction?

A: After the auction has ended, and the settlement transaction has been mined, bidders with successful bids can click on the claim button on the interface.

Q: How can I make sure my bid is included or successful?

A: You cannot guarantee that your bid will be included in the auction. To increase your chances of being included, bidders can try to wait for the end of the auction, and bid above "Current Price" shown in the interface.

Q: Can I get my tokens back if my bid is not successful?

Yes, you can claim the total balance of USDC you used for bidding if the bid is not successful after the auction. Please note the ether (gas) spent to submit the bid order cannot be claimed as it is not related to the Auction.

Q: Can I participate in the auction without KYC?

A: US PERSONS AND CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TAKE PART IN THIS AUCTION. The KYC process is designed to screen out all US PERSONS AND CORPORATIONS. You have to pass the KYC process before participating in the Auction.

Q: How many ITGR tokens will be circulating after the auction?

A: There will be 4,500,000 ITGR tokens (1.5% of the token cap) circulating right after the auction completes. There will be 18,000,000 $ITGR (6% of the token cap) circulating one month after the auction. For more information regarding token metrics, please read here.